The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant and is known as ‘Chukandar’ in  Hindi.  This deep red or purple color vegetable may be having much more health benefits  that may be currently recognized by most of the people. Beet root has been gaining popularity  as awareness spreads about about its medicinal benefits and nutrients . Purple colored Raw beetroots are not only a great idea to dress up a plate of salad  but they add lot of nutritional value too.   


Beet Root

Major Health Benefits of Beet Root (Chukandar)

  • Nitrate is present in abundance  in most green leafy vegetables as well  as in beetroot. Being a rich source of dietary nitrates.  Beet root which has significant health benefits for many medical conditions and diseases. 
  • Beet root in raw form or as juice  is known to have a positive influence on cardiovascular system  and  decreases blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Researchers have  attributed  effect on blood pressure due to a  good amount of  nitrate levels in beet root.  
  • It is considered to improve cognitive function and even believed to slow the progression of dementia  in older people.
  • Consuming Beet root is good for skin and hair.
  • Beets have long being believed to help in Blood Purification by removing Toxins.
  • Beets, in addition to their aforementioned minerals and nutrients have high levels of folate and  vitamin C. 
    Folate is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin B9,  which supports healthy cell growth and division and is thereby reduces the risk of birth defects and many other diseases like cancer.
  • Root vegetables like Beet Root  are high in natural sugars and have a high glycemic index.  Hence there is need for caution when taken by diabetics.  However  research has shown that  the natural sugars in beetroot is not very quick in converting to glucose. Further Dietary nitrates  in beet root  are good for managing conditions like high cholesterol, blood pressure.  Beetroot also contains anti oxidants like alpha-lipoic acid, which is believed to scavenge free radicals.  This is helpful in , fights inflammation and in  diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) an improve cognitive functions.  Alpha-lipoic acid and other nutrients in beet root have  effect on increased insulin sensitivity  and thus affecting the Glucose levels in Blood. 
  • Beet root is  low in calories, has good fiber content  and should be part of a healthy and balanced diet. 


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